So you wake up in the morning and you’re tired. You want to roll over, close your eyes and forget hitting the snooze button you just want to turn the alarm off completely. You feel a dull ache not just in your body but somewhere deeper than that.  Your joints complain as you roll over and get out of bed. As you shuffle to the bathroom you wonder...does it have to be like this? How did I get here?

As you get ready for the day and you look yourself in the mirror do you secretly say to yourself, “Seriously, how did I get here?” Or maybe you avoid the mirror completely afraid to look-not just at your body but even into your own eyes, into your soul. You’re tired, you feel weak, and in some ways, you’re just over it. 

You are long past the days of desiring to “rock your body”. I mean, six-pack abs would be nice but it’s not your primary goal anymore. You want to be strong, you want to feel healthy and you want the power and the strength to serve others well.  You’d like to be able to walk without being in pain.

You’re mature enough to know that you need your body to function at its optimum capacity (at least as far as it’s up to you. Many things are out of our control). You know it’s the house that carries you through life but it’s not the end-all. You live for higher things in life - things that are eternal- knowing that taking care of the body will increase your energy, clarify your thinking and can even quiet the chatter inside of you.  

However, you hear the clock ticking… time is running out. You are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You are done making excuses and you are ready to do the physical and internal work to change the path you’re on. Are your best years behind you? Or is the best yet to come?

You decide.

If this is you… then welcome home. You are in the right place.