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Strength Under Pressure

My Signature, Online Therapeutic Yoga Program
strength under pressure

If you need a flexible yoga therapy option that gets to the root of your pain and stress, and gives you a custom-crafted roadmap to healing, Strength Under Pressure may be the perfect fit for you!

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What is the program?

A unique blend of specific yoga work to target physical aches and pains and more comprehensive, integrative work to eradicate the stress and anxiety you feel, Strength Under Pressure is unlike anything you’ve experienced! 

During our 6 weeks together, we’ll look carefully at everything from your diet to your daily stressors and work together to uncover the source of your pain, stress, and tension. We’ll then press into those pain points so you can remove obstacles - physical, spiritual, and emotional - in your personal and professional life. 

We’ll craft a yoga therapy plan that will include practical, easy-to-implement steps that will help you get your mind, body, and spirit in line with each other. At the end of our 6 weeks together, you’ll come away with a completely customized protocol to continue walking in confidence, strength, and freedom from stress and pain in your personal and professional life.

And the best part?

You can do it from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office anywhere in the world!

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The Details

Our 6 weeks together will

  • Include an in-depth questionnaire, postural assessment of functional movement patterns, and weekly video calls.
  • Give you specific, actionable steps you can take each day to improve your mind-body wellness - everything from breath work to stress relief techniques to mindset practices.
  • Equip you with fully-personalized tools to help you communicate effectively and manage conflicts gracefully.
  • Give you the insight to discover and remove personal and professional obstacles.
  • Empower you to live with confidence and excellence in whatever you do.   
  • Provide you with yoga therapy “snacks” - quick yoga practices you can easily implement to help you relieve tension, be more present, and be more productive.

If you’re ready to experience greater PEACE, POWER, PRODUCTIVITY, and PRESENCE in all areas of your life, then I’m ready to help you build your strength under pressure.

Let's Get Started!

The Process

Step 1:

Complementary Consultation

We’ll spend a few minutes talking about YOU. I’d love to hear about your lifestyle, your health conditions, and any pain or stress you’re experiencing. Then we can talk about how I can help you reduce pain and stress and walk in freedom.

Step 2:

Intake Questionnaire & Assessment

Once you’ve committed to the program, you’ll fill out a questionnaire that will help me get to know you better, understand your pain points, and get a clear vision of your overall health and personal goals. I’ll then perform an assessment to better understand how your lifestyle, movements, and health conditions are affecting your overall wellness. 

Step 3:

Yoga Therapy Sessions Via Weekly Video Calls

Together, we’ll create a specific protocol that will give you daily, actionable steps you can take to relieve stress, reduce pain, increase strength, and achieve your goals.

Katie Weatherford

Simchah is a beautiful soul who is easy to relate to, she has inspired me to make an investment in myself through purposeful planning and peace... She often says that she sees herself in me, and I in return see who I want to be in her: calm, cool, and confident in who I am.”

Katie Weatherford


Build Strength Under Pressure

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